The FrozenChook video has arrived

All you need to know about the new Frozen Chook internet trend is in this video below…


Forget planking, owling and extreme selfies. A big internet trend has taken flight-and this one might ruffle some feathers. It’s called the Frozen Chook.

Some may consider it to be fowl, others may see it as poultry art form; either way, this NZ-Australian based phenomenon is latest internet craze grabbing the world’s attention. The term “chook” is often used in Australia and New Zealand to describe a chicken, so it’s only suitable. Like most trends, it’s easy to pick up and you can do it almost anywhere; assuming you’re comfortable being naked in public and you don’t ‘chicken out.’

How to pull off this master manoeuvre, you ask? It’s as simple as stripping down, hitting the deck in a curled up-foetal position, elbows in like the bird itself, and bottom against your calves so you’re mimicking the commercially-packaged poultry. Final step, is to take a snap and send it to the Facebook page to promote your selfless act in all its naked and simplistic glory.

Nowhere seems to be safe from the Frozen Chook. From the harsh tarmac of a road, the breath-taking landscape of New Zealand and Australia, to pathways of local chicken restaurants: These are some of the chosen settings for people who have bravely cast aside their clothes and adopted the frozen stance.

So what are you waiting for? Join the rest of the world as they strip off, perch themselves in random places and send their shot to the Facebook page.


Happy chooking everybody!

Croatian & British Frozen Chooks Show How It’s Done

From Croatia to the most northern part of Britain; this internet phenomenon is setting sail to new heights.


Croatian #FrozenChook sailing in the sunset


It’s a real cliff hanger for this ‪#‎FrozenChook‬ duo out at Dunnet Head; the most northern point of mainland Britain.

Frozen Chook photos keep on coming!

And just when we thought the Frozen Chooks couldn’t get any more original…

Now that the frozen chook trend is gaining momentum across the world, we’re starting to get some very creative submissions.


From rocking horses in the middle of New Zealand countryside ponds:

frozen chook rocking horse pond new zealand


Jesus-style Frozen Chook floating on water:

frozen chook jesus water


Lovely flocks of free range Frozen Chooks taking one for the team in Frankton, NZ:

frozen chook free range flock new zealand


A Frozen Chook and its flamingos in Santiago, Chile. (They call the trend over there, ‘Pollo Congelado):
frozen chook flamingos chile


Some flame-grilled peri-peri ‪#‎FrozenChook‬ spotted within the doors of Nando’s:

frozen chook chicken nandos restaurant


And in meal deals over the counter:

frozen chook counter chicken takeaway meal deal


Cluckinggoodviews of Frozen Chooks from all over the place; like @jezhichens from Instagram’s road cross in New Zealand:

frozen chook road new zealand


#FrozenChook showing off on its podium – Godley Heads in Cantebury, NZ:

frozen chook NZ 3 copy-min


Couch Frozen Chook sponsored by Netflix:

frozen chook couch netflix


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The #FrozenChook has begun to take flight across the globe.

Frozen Chooks from London, USA & Chile.

We knew it was only a matter of time before this new internet phenomenon made it’s way across the globe, past the gates of Australia and New Zealand…Here is some proof:

frozen chook, london, train, subway

#frozenchook on a subway train in London, United Kingdom. Superb work might I say!



#frozenchook on the streets in London


frozen chook, usa, nyc

The ‪#‎frozenchook‬ has started to take off in USA. Here’s a sneaky shot in front of the Citi field baseball stadium in NYC by Artist/Prod/DJ AI-P



frozen chook flamingo santiago chile

#frozenchook with its flamingos in Santiago, Chile. They call the trend over there, “Pollo Congelado”


If you’re someone who has landed on this site from across the other side of the world – we want to hear from you! Send us a shout out and show as how the #frozenchook is being adopted on your land. Send your photo to the Facebook page. 

Quit Horsing Around – Get Your Chook Out

This fine young lady is putting jockeys to shame.

frozen chook horse

Check out this poultry art form in the green landscape of a farm. Frozen Chooks and Horses go hand-in-hand

How to pull off this master manoeuvre, you ask? It’s as simple as stripping down, hitting the deck in a curled up-foetal position, elbows in like the bird itself, and bottom against your calves so you’re mimicking commercially-packaged poultry. Final step, is to take a photo and send it to the Facebook page to promote your selfless act in all its naked and simplistic glory.

Chang does the Frozen Chook around Auckland

GSC radio producer shared his #FrozenChook

GSC radio producer and part-time nudist (he’s not really), Chang Hung got in contact with to share what he’s been up to around Auckland City. And what a marvellous adventure it was…

frozen chook, chang, auckland

Frozen Chook crosses the roads of Auckland


frozen chook, laneway, chang

Laneway Frozen Chook left out to marinade for the night.


frozen chook, auckland

Chang captures the beautiful angles of Auckland city in the best way possible.


frozen chook, chang, auckland

My question is – where are all the people of Auckland? This frozen chook must have risen in the early hours – it’s only appropriate I suppose


frozen chook chang

It doesn’t matter where, or what time it is – the frozen chook will defeat all odds for an epic shot


frozen chook designer fashion

frozen chook goes designer! It’s all the new trend these days


frozen chook bustop chang

The frozen chook is coming and everybody’s jumping. New York to San Fransisco, an intercity disco


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